Oh, the Places You Will Go | Toronto, pt. III Single in the City

While Shorty Do-Op and I explored the city and noticed the number of couples throwing their public displays of affection in our faces, I asked her if this was a better girlfriend trip or couple’s trip. I don’t remember her answer at the time, and I don’t remember my response. I do remember, though, that by the end of the trip, we decided it was a perfect girlfriend trip.

Before we hopped back on the train to get to the hotel to delight in our confection delicacies from Bakerbots Baking, we decided to explore the neighborhood around it. There was some interesting window shopping, lots of cool street art and plenty street harassers.

You must know that Shorty is a tough chick. She’s unfazed by a lot, and she’s who you want on your team if a fight goes down. I talk about feelings, cry a lot and have only been in one fight in my life, but I look tough, so that’s a plus in situations when a menace presents. After seeing a man angrily yell at a woman who refused to acknowledge his sexual advances, two other men’s eyes undress and have sex with a woman who walked by quickly, and a group of young guys slow down their steady pace to a near halt as we approached, our best sense told us our exploring was about over. We looked at each other knowingly. I asked, “You ready to go?” To which Shorty replied quickly “Yep.” And we headed back toward Ossington Station.

The top two images are from our exploration; the latter is of Yonge-Dundas Square, which never seemed to not be popping. You might be curious about the treatment of that image. I have no idea how that happened, but I thought it was cool.





~ by MsInklination on August 28, 2014.

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