A Short Weekend Message on Boobs

La Perla, Indomitable Lace Bra

Domenico Dolce of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house offered this tip to Harper’s Bazaar readers (and entrusted them to pass the message along):

“When we dress the model for a show, first we give them the bra, the satin, the lace. It’s all about respect for the body. You never see a woman from the south of Italy without a bra. Never!”

Would you please pass this memo along to all your friends … and even your enemies? Thanks!

Side note: La Perla makes beautiful (and expensive, as you probably well know) bras, but if you’re a woman whose femininity is easily found at her chest, like mine, don’t even bother eye buying (i.e., window shopping) with yourself in mind. They don’t have your size.

Since we’re at it, if you’re ever bored, do a little web searching for images of women in color wearing bras. I wonder if you’ll be hard-pressed to find, as I was, such images. There were plenty of images of melanin-saturated and -tinged sisters butt naked, but in lingerie, not so much. Is that a message? The suspicious, paranoid negro in me says “Yes.” The post-racial American in me says … “Yes.”


~ by MsInklination on August 2, 2014.

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