“To All Brothers: From All Sisters”

To one of the strongest brothers I know: Happy Birthday …

each nite without you.

and i give birth to myself.

who am i to be touched at random?

to be alone so long. to see you move
in this varicose country
like silhouettes passing in apprenticeship,
from slave to slavery to pimp
to hustler to murderer to negro
to nigguhdom to militant to revolutionary
to blackness to faggot with the same
shadings of disrespect covering your voice.

and the nite, playing a maiden tune,
singes my eyes.

who am i to have loved you in rooms
lit by a single wall?
who am i to have loved at all as the
years come like water and the
madness of my blood drains rivers.

–Sonia Sanchez


~ by MsInklination on November 22, 2011.

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