It’s Showtime at Union

Cornel West is leaving his post at Princeton University to be the Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practices at Union Theological Seminary.

A source whose information I take with a grain of salt says he said:

“Owing to my family, church, and the black social movements of the 1960s”, he says, “I arrived at Harvard unashamed of my African, Christian, and militant de-colonized outlooks. More pointedly, I acknowledged and accented the empowerment of my black styles, mannerisms, and viewpoints, my Christian values of service, love, humility, and struggle, and my anti-colonial sense of self-determination for oppressed people and nations around the world.

That sounds like something he said, but who knows? I do know for sure West is moving to Union. And the New York Times tells the story here.


~ by MsInklination on November 20, 2011.

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