This Chick’s Tat, Tat Tatted Up

Mommies across the nation are going ballistic about the most recent limited-edition Barbie by Italian fashion house: Tokidoki Barbie. They’re freaking about the $50 Barbie’s pink hair and body art. Some moms are even tripping about her clothes. Is it just me, or have you seen Barbies far more scantily clad?

You’ll be hard pressed to get your hands on one anyway, but what do you think about Barbie’s hard-core makeover? (I’m looking at you, Ms. Artsy!)


~ by MsInklination on October 21, 2011.

One Response to “This Chick’s Tat, Tat Tatted Up”

  1. It’s a collector’s item doll, one that won’t even get played with by little girls. Please. She still has the unrealistic body proportions that perpetuates self image issues, she’s had strange colored hair a LOT, she usually wears less like you say, and there’s been more than one tattooed Barbie before. They’re being silly. These people don’t try to get Tokidoki products kicked out of stores normally…

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