Keeping up with Reality

Next month, I’m doing presentations to two different Girl Scout troops. I was delighted when the troop leader asked me to come and speak to the young women because I believe in the message and mission of Girl Scouts of America. (I have my silver award, too, might I add. Stopped short of the gold.)

While doing some online reading the other day, I ran across research the Girl Scout Research Institute had done about the effects of reality television on young women. This was ironic because Sunday evening, a group of friends and I discussed the motley of reality shows on.

One friend, whom I love dearly, says for her, the more ratchet the reality show, the better. She is, as I told her, the smartest person I know who consistently watches the outlandishness of reality TV.

It turns out, as I’ve always suspected, reality shows like “Bad Girls Club” and “Jersey Shore” thwart reality for young people (I’d be willing to bet it is the case for those of us who are old enough to know better, too).

Their four findings of young women who regularly consume reality television:

* expect relationship drama.
* are focused on their physical appearance
* believe they have to lie or be mean to get ahead
* are benefitted by encouragement to be social activists

Click here to read the findings in their entirety and here to read tips and questions of things to consider if you’re a reality show watcher who has difficulties discerning between real and not-so real.

Lastly, Michelle Martin did a piece today, “Reality TV Turning Young Girls Into Fame Monsters?” on the Girl Scout’s research findings on “Tell Me More.” Listen to that or read the transcript of the show here.

Full disclosure: I’m watching “Survivor” on CBS, as I write this post.


~ by MsInklination on October 19, 2011.

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