Friday Find

When you’ve been gone for a while, you have to come back with something that’s made it all worth it. Something that makes the people who might have missed you forget about the anxiety they felt while you were gone and, instead, concentrate on your present offering. This in other areas of life might be called bribery. So what? Sue me.

A friend sent me these too-sexy-to-be-worn-when-you’re-trying-to-be-a-good-girl boots and I set out to find them and their purchasing information. I discovered because we’re a season behind, the thigh-high version of this boot is virtually nowhere.

I did, however, find an ankle-boot version at Net-A-Porter for a mere $770. Yes, I said, mere. We’re talking about Christian Loubouiton, after all.

Christian Louboutin, Circus, $1295 (retail), $770 (reduced)

And since we’re Louboutin-ing it today, and I have much sucking up to do for my absence, I thought I’d throw these at you and hope you’re super distracted.

This boot, Puck, the designer calls it, really draws me in. I don’t know what it is about it, but you can feel free to make fun of me. Sometimes my aesthetic attracts something unapologetically conspicuous to herself, and I do nothing to smother that. Herein lies an example.

Christian Louboutin, Puck, $2,295

Happy, Friday! (I’ll post a couple things today. And it’s my plan to do some writing over the weekend; I have plenty to share.)


~ by MsInklination on September 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Friday Find”

  1. I want to CHOKE you for finding those booties! now I have to find a sponsor for those and that jacket we saw….::rolls over into a shallow grave::

  2. I like the fur ones… But love the other ones… My kind of a boot… Leaving all the fun stuff uncovered… 😉

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