Lights, Camera, Real Life

Ever wanted to change lives with someone for a while? A friend, Miss Red State, proposed yesterday that living someone else’s life (television characters, in fact) might be better than present reality. That part of the conversation went just about like this:

Miss Red State: Why aren’t we more sex and the city? … I mean, we’re faShionable and cute.
MsInklination.: Uhhh … Tell me more about being SATC.
Miss Red State: We just don’t live those lives. Just loving and living life while in cute outfits.
Miss Red State: Doesn’t it seem fun? Maybe “Girlfriends”?
MsInklination: I love my life. I wear cute clothes. My existence is not a fairytale. Really, that kinda is our lives!
Miss Red State: Yeah, that’s true. It kinda is.
MsInklination: Our cameras just don’t stop rolling.

This afternoon, I had dinner with more friends. We had an enjoyable time. Conversation topics swept from politics and race to herbs and the perfect homecoming weekend activities. The food was good; conversation was better. Simply put, we enjoyed one another’s company and valued each other for who we are and the beauty our differences brought to our interaction.

MsInklination (yes, I just referred to myself in third person) has talked before on the blog about being in love with our lives. One thing of which I am certain is being in love with your life looks a lot like being in love with a man (or woman).

Sometimes love is yummy and saccharin-y, and other times, it’s patient and steady beyond reason. There are days that are so good, you can hardy believe it’s your life you’re living. Then those days that come, and it’s germane that you spend plenty energy concentrating on the things that brought you joy at some point in the past; otherwise, you’d be ready to give up.

Those two truths are enough to separate my life from Carrie Bradshaw’s and Joan Clayton’s. Even when those leading ladies had conflict, it was resolved in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour. Their cameras stop my rolling. Mine never does. And that’s perfectly fine, because I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even when it sucks, my verisimilitudinous life, where I’m the protagonist will always be better than a life scripted by others.


~ by MsInklination on August 21, 2011.

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