Notecards, Thank Yous and Genuine Connections

I love a handwritten note. I’m old fashioned that way. I keep post cards, a plethora of stationery and blank notecards from which to choose on my coffee table so when I feel moved to do so, I write a missive to the person who’s on my mind and let him or her know. I keep a book of stamps in my wallet. Who does that anymore? I do. Yes, I’m that old fashioned.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected, handwritten thank-you note (from a guy, no less), and it made my heart smile. Today, I told him how grateful I was to get the note and how often we miss opportunities to have genuine connection and share our thoughts with others because we, rather, find ourselves engaging in this social media-obsessed culture that exalts frequency over substance.

That considered, I was glad to read the headline “Why is Facebook Losing Americans?” on

I kind of hate Facebook. It doesn’t make sense really, and I know that. Facebook didn’t do anything to me, but there’s something about the whole thing that renders itself–it all just lacks a level of verisimilitude for me.

First of all, people use words on the site I loathe when updating their statuses* like “hubby” and “preggers”—words they’d never use in everyday conversation. Blindly blissful, obnoxiously optimistic people who write things like “OMG u 2??????????!!!!!!!!!!” to express surprise can’t be trusted, in my opinion, and I’d most certainly never be any kind of real friends with them. These same people tell their life’s voyeurs about what they’re eating for lunch, offer pseudo intellectual advice and use online mediums as means to mask passive aggressive behavior as boldness.

There are a motley of reasons Facebook lost 5 million active users last month, but I naively hope it’s because some of those people put down their computers and smart phones in exchange for dinner with a friend, reading a chapter or two of a book, or sending a short, serendipitous handwritten letter.

Hi, my name is MsInklination, and I’m a social media curmudgeon.

*Why is it statuses and not stati when the plural of cactus is cacti?


~ by MsInklination on June 13, 2011.

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