Salma Hayek, “The Real Housewife of Paris”

I’ll stop with the empowered woman thing (maybe) before I get on your nerves (I may, however, just chose to get on your nerves), but I ran across this today and hard to share it.

Salma Hayek (Cass Bird)

from New York Times Style Magazine, story by Gaby Wood

Just because she’s a whirlwind of glamour and work doesn’t mean Salma Hayek won’t cook dinner. Au contraire. The wife of PPR’s François Henri Pinault is every bit the little woman.

Salma Hayek is getting down to business. She has just arrived at our photo shoot in Paris, makeup-free, hair bundled up into a Rasta-like knitted cap, and now she’s sitting next to the photographer on the couch, going through pictures they’re using as reference points. The Xeroxed photos are provocatively sexy — Romy Schneider looking pained and delirious, Catherine Deneuve pulling her camisole down for Helmut Newton, a bare-bottomed model leaning over a fur coat on a balcony — but this seems to bother Hayek not at all. She examines them almost as if she were the producer of the shoot rather than the subject.

There is (as is customary) a slight nervousness in the room about what she will turn out to be like to work with, what she will or won’t agree to. First of all, she apologizes: most of these images are of women with cigarettes dangling from their lips, but she has a rule about not smoking in pictures. Fine; a lit match is decided upon instead. With all eyes on her, she continues to leaf through until she gets to the naked backside. She stops, and briskly slaps the pile of pictures down on her lap.

“O.K.,” she says, keeping an entirely straight face, “what I can do is put a cigarette in my ass. I don’t think that sets a bad example, do you?”

Read the rest here.

Salma Hayek might just have it all.


~ by MsInklination on March 9, 2011.

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