Weekend Find(s) and Strange Negotiations

I’d seen the pewter Jeffrey Campbell unicorn pump with neckage last season and didn’t know if I liked it. There was something appealing to me about it, but the almond-shaped toe gave me pause. Well, yesterday, out and about on a mini-shopping spree with Short Do-Op, I saw it resting on a shelf in a consignment shop in my size.

Disgression: I have never bought a shoe from a consignment shop before. There’s something gross about it to me. Any other consigned item (with the exception of lingerie, of course), I don’t have hesitation about. But there’s just something about the idea of putting my foot into a shoe that someone else has worn. Their toes. My toes nestled into a confined space where someone else’s toes have been … I’m shuttering as I think of it and type. Unpause.

I flip the shoe over, and look at the sole. There was not a single scuff or worn mark. “It’s worth a try,” I think. I slipped my foot into the shoe. Stepped down, and from vantage point, it didn’t look bad. I looked at it i the mirror. I liked it more. Shorty Do-Op looks at it and says, “That’s cute!” So I decided it would be mine.

The next part of the story goes like this:

The shoe is marked $59.99. Last season, brand new, it would have cost about $140. That’s a good deal. But it’s a consignment shop. I just didn’t want to give store owner $60, so after we’d chatted a bit, I ask her, “Are you firm on this price?”

“That’s a good shoe,” she states emphatically.

“I know,” I respond, shaking my head in the affirmative.

“How much you want to pay for it?”

“$30,” I blurted out. I have no idea where that number came from. No idea. I was almost embarrassed that I’d said it.

“Oh, no, girl!” she said, justifiably so. “That’s a $300 shoe.”

I didn’t tell her she was grossly overstating. I didn’t see the necessity in that, but I did laugh off my absurd 50 percent reduction and say, “What about $50?”

“Let me see it again,” the shop owner said, with her hand out.

I handed her the shoe.

“I’ll see it to you for $47.99. That’s a steal, and you know it.”

“Well, at $47.99, I’m stealing it!” I responded curious how she missed the first day of her Negotiations 101 class but thankful.

I paid for the shoe (and a skirt), and Shorty and I left.

Thank God for counter offers.


~ by MsInklination on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “Weekend Find(s) and Strange Negotiations”

  1. Interesting, I need to meet Ms. Shorty Do Wop.

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