Learning Curves

I read a little celebrity gossip, but I rarely (in fact, as I’m typing now, I can’t remember a time that I’ve ever) blog about it. But I just can’t help saying something about this.


I root for Clifford “T.I.” Harris Jr. silently and have ever since I heard “Rubberband Man” from his sophomore release “Trap Muzik.” I was disappointed when he was arrested for having those weapons he shouldn’t have back in 2009 because he’s a convicted felon. I listened to his explanation of his crime intently, wanting it to make sense to me, and it did. He shouldn’t have broken the law, but I got it. I would have never worn a “Free T.I.” tee, but I heard him and accepted his explanation.

And when he was released from prison, I started rooting for him a little louder. But freak me if the man hasn’t made a fool of me. This dude done went–yes, done went–and got himself caught up because he made a U-turn on Sunset Blvd while he was driving his Maybach.


Who, besides a driver, drives a Maybach? You don’t drive Maybachs. You’re driven in Maybachs. Just like you don’t drive Rolls Royces. You’re driven in them. But maybe it’s just me and my Honda Accord Coupe-driving self. What do I know?


Cops pull T.I. over and what do they find? Some purple drank that was undoubtedly in a red Solo cup and some pills that turned out to be ecstasy.

Really? Really, T.I.? Really Tiny?

When do we learn? Better yet, do we have the capacity to learn?


~ by MsInklination on September 3, 2010.

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