How Come You Don’t Call Me … Ever

I’m humming Alicia Key’s “How Come You Don’t Call Me,” thinking about how much times have changed in recent years. Over the past few months, I’ve met a lot of guys. No, no, nothing really worth reporting. Or maybe it is worth reporting, but I’m waiting on the statute of limitations to expire so I can talk about the experiences I’ve had without potentially feeling guilty and embarrassed for being one of the people I dislike who puts all of their business on the Internet. But I do have a quick gripe.

Several weeks ago I met a guy. He’s cool. Details about him are unimportant. There’s one thing that’s most important about him. He texts all the time. Like that’s all we ever do is text. I can count the number of times we’ve talked on the phone. This annoys me.

I’m old fashioned.

One day during our text exchanges, I text to him, “You really like to text, don’t you?”

He writes, “No. I thought you did.”

I think to myself, before responding, “Oh! This is perfect! I thought he was going to want to text all the time. Whew!”

I reply, “Nah. I text when I can’t talk. I’m used to texting because I work with college students, and they love to text, but I prefer a real conversation whenever I can get one. You can’t really get to know people, I don’t think, via text.”

(Yes, I typed that much. This is one of the reasons I’d just rather talk on the phone than text. I don’t use typical texter’s abbreviations in my text exchanges. I’m a writer’s writer that way. I don’t use “2” instead of typing out the words “to” or “two.” I don’t put “u” instead of “you,” and this is the first time I’ve ever typed “ur.” Besides, I hate how “ur” is supposed to mean “you are” and “your.”)

Screw me for thinking my response to his text would prompt him to call me that night … or basically ever, for that matter. It didn’t. He continues to text. And this, loved ones and hated ones alike, is a red flag for me.

In these days of impersonal but constant communication, phone calls and face-to-face interactions are about as common as Glenn Beck crying genuine tears it could be the fact that this man has assumed the unhealthy pseudo-conversational exchange habits so many people younger than 30 have adopted. This means something, though I’m not sure what. But it could also be that his wife/girlfriend/jealous ex/baby’s mother doesn’t like him talking on the phone with other women.

It’s worth noting I’ve asked the guy–via text–if he’s otherwise involved, and he says he’s not. I’ll trust his texted word for the next couple exchanges, I suppose. But after that, I may have to end our texting relationship. Any man who doesn’t make phone calls probably doesn’t open car doors or buy flowers either. I told you: I’m old fashioned.


~ by MsInklination on September 1, 2010.

One Response to “How Come You Don’t Call Me … Ever”

  1. I agree. You want to look across from someone or hear their voice over the phone. I equally enjoy handwritten notes. A card is nice, but I want a few “original” words- misspelled and all!

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