Let’s JAM!

The hair on my arms doesn’t lie down. When I was in the sixth grade, I was jealous of one of my classmates who had hair that laid smoothly on her arms. After obsessing about that for days, I finally decided to take my wild forearm hair (which, by the way isn’t all that noticeable) situation into my own hands.

I took the black bottomed, pink topped jar of Let’s JAM (retail $4)–from what I’ve seen in stores, it now has a turquoise-colored top–and slathered on a little. Then I took a soft-bristled brush and smoothed the hair down. I waited a while, expecting perfectly coiffed arm hair, and to my dismay, the hair had curled back up. I was disappointed. Very disappointed.

I told myself I should probably just accept the fact that my arm hair would never lay down smoothly like Kristy’s. She was the girl with the smooth arm hair. I’ve accepted the fact.

That’s the end of the story. This post is over. Goodnight.


~ by MsInklination on August 26, 2010.

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  1. LOL

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