Bible Students

I walked around my house this morning for about 10 minutes completely dressed, only needing to put on shoes. I was psyching myself up. “You look fine. … It’s not bad. … They’re not too short. … It was 10th grade. … It’s time for a change. … Shorty Do-Op said they were cute. … She wouldn’t lie. … It’s not that big of a deal. …” And the doorbell’s chime interrupted me.

Thinking it was my neighbor’s ringing the bell to ask me to turn down the music I’d turned up to drown out my self-talk, I was surprised to find two men dressed in slacks, button downs and ties. The older one was wearing a soft straw fedora-styled hat.

The older man introduced himself, then the younger one behind him did as well. I don’t remember their names. They asked me mine. The older man sifted through the booklets he held in his hand, apologizing, saying he was usually more organized. Then I saw it: a Watchtower.

“We’re bible students,” the older man said. The younger one shook his head in agreement. “And we’re out talking to people today about …”

I don’t really remember what the guy said after that besides offering to come back to my home to have a bible study, when my schedule permitted. He handed me a booklet with Norman Rockwell cover art that asked if I knew my purpose in life, and the entire time I kept thinking, “He’s a Jehovah’s Witness. He just called himself a bible student.”

I was reminded of something important today: It’s all about reframe. It’s not what it is but how you present it.

Not a “Jehovah’s Witness,” a “bible student.” Not a “thief,” an “opportunist.” Not a “punk,” an “improvement regressionist.” Not “poor white trash,” but “economically deprived Euro American environmental waste.” Wait. That’s more of a synonym, isn’t it? Not a “thug,” but a “hoodlum.” Dang. That didn’t work either, but you get the point. It’s all about reframe.


~ by MsInklination on August 10, 2010.

One Response to “Bible Students”

  1. The witnesses are trying to assume the identity of the bible students who didn’t follow rutherford when he formed J W in 1931. Many witnesses are going to B S. They are more Christian than J W

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