Friday Find

I found this Friday Find on Wednesday, but it was an incomplete find. The shoes. I love the shoes in this picture, and I looked for three days trying to figure out who’d made them and all of the other necessary product information. I am not above giving up, so I did. I couldn’t find it. Maybe you can.


~ by MsInklination on July 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Friday Find”

  1. Having a pair is all that matters, lol.

  2. You were right! I found product information for the shoe. It’s called the Meree. According to Louboutin, “Caroline, Jacque Rousseau: A work of pop art on your feet!” I can’t find a price for the suede seduction, but I’ll have a pair in my size anyway.

  3. Hi love,
    I did a small amount of research and found out that those shoes are
    Christian Louboutins. That’s all I could find.

    • Where did you find that info, girl?! I’d looked through Christian Louboutin’s most recent collection and didn’t find them. Maybe they’re older than the latest collection, but I assumed they weren’t because it’s a recent photo shoot. They know what they say about assumptions, though: They’re the mother of all …

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