Orchids, Clutches and Decisions, oh My!

I love flowers. Any rose that’s not red (they’re so cliche). Peonies. Hydrangeas. Tulips. Sunflowers. Gerbera daisies. Any kind of lily. And orchids.

I do not like fake flowers. (Unless it’s a Shakti design; somehow, her hair accessories are so believable looking.)

I’ve never cared much for florals on purses, and I love a clutch. Then I saw this Casadei orchidea clutch. Tiny clutch, monstrous flower. When I saw it, I didn’t immediately love it. I didn’t know what I thought about it. And honestly, as I’m posting this, I’m back to a do-I-dig-this-or-not place about it. One thing I’d have to dig is into my wallet, my mom’s and at least one of my aunt’s to come up with the $744.30 it would cost to own it.

Casadei orchidea clutch, $744.30

What do you think? Exquisitely fabulous or epic fail? If you love it and want to own it, you used to be able to purchase it here. It’s sold out now. I guess someone saw it, loved it and put $744 on it.


~ by MsInklination on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “Orchids, Clutches and Decisions, oh My!”

  1. I’m not impressed with red roses either! I guess that’s reason #979* we’re friends. I’m funny about artificial flowers on accessories too and I like that clutch. The color, the massiveness of the flower – everything. I was actually imagining how silky it would feel in my hand. … Not that I have any where to wear something like that. I guess it would hold contributions to my house’s toilet paper fund- I could carry it back and forth tho the bathroom.

    * reason 978 is that topaz ring you posted way back when. And I don’t even like jewelry.

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