Friday Find

It’s not an ordinary Friday Find, but I did find it.

I was tired and trying to find a place in the back of my mind to which I could escape. I found no such place, as I drug myself up the wooden planks that masquerade as stairs at the back of the building where I work. What I found was equally as interesting, though.

“Wow. There’s a dollar,” I murmured to myself.

I talk to myself. And yes, when I ask a question, I answer myself. I disagree with people say answering yourself means you’re crazy. I, very well, may be crazy, but it’s not answering my own questions that makes me so. What it would make me if I didn’t answer, however, is rude. I’m digressing. I just asked myself if that was OK and myself said, “yes,” but I’ll move on anyway.

So I see this dollar on the stairs’ platform, bend over to pick up the wadded up dollar and open it, with the intentions of straightening it out to put in my wallet. The dollar. was full. of weed. Ganja … mary jane … pot … dope … marijuana … cannabis.

Imagining sirens whirling and a cop car slamming on its breaks to arrest me for petty possession freaked me out, so I did what any normal person would have done: looked around me to make sure no one was looking then dumped the weed out in the grass next to me and kept going. I was annoyed, though. I found a dollar bill full of weed, and it was only in a one. Couldn’t the pothead have put it in a $20 bill instead? I guess he’d (or she’d) spent her last on the good stuff. Then they lost it all–their money, save one dollar, and the “good stuff.” Isn’t that the way life works.

I never put the dollar in my wallet. I didn’t want the other dollar in there to end up smelling like it’d exchanged hands at The Wild Hare because of its contact with the tainted one. Instead of loosely folded it in half and stuffed it in a book. And then I went to wash my hands.


~ by MsInklination on May 14, 2010.

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