Ten Things I Hate About Myself

Heard of the show “What I Hate About Me” on the E! network? When I ran across it, the title piqued my interest, and I thought “What a brilliant show concept.” The premiere episode left a bit to be desired but the idea behind it is still my kind of show. I, after all, loved the show “Starting Over.” (Remember that one?) Anyway, with that show in mind, I decided to come up with a list of 10 things I hate about myself.

1. I hate that I’m fat. You’re thinking: “Lose weight then.” It’s not quite that simple. Well, it is … but it ain’t.
2. I hate that I have flat feet and the tops of a few of my toes are discolored so it looks like I have terrible corns, but there’s actually no callousing. (Yes, I went there.)
3. I hate that I can’t play the music I hear in my head. I’m a classically trained pianist, but my skills of playing by ear are minimal, at best. My friend, Maestro, says my skills are lacking because I’m lazy. He may be right. (Further on this note–pun intended–I can’t scat aloud the way I do in my head.)

4. I hate that I’m 30 and don’t have “it” together. I take comfort in the fact that no one ever actually gets “it” together, so I’m not necessarily behind, but it’s also discouraging. What’s the point in trying, if you know you’ll never get it? I know the point. I do. Really I do. At least I think I do.
5. I hate that I can sometimes still let people’s negativity, self-ignorance and inability to connect the dots affect me greatly.
6. I hate that I don’t read and write more.
7. I hate that I haven’t had a greater impact on the world around me.
8. I hate that I have a flat butt. Mostly, I try to ignore this fact because I have a great rack and my legs are to die for. It’s all about give and take, I guess.
9. I hate that I still haven’t mastered managing money yet. I used to be afraid of money. Now I just avoid it.
10. I hate that I hate things about myself.

Am I the only one? What do you hate about yourself?


~ by MsInklination on April 20, 2010.

One Response to “Ten Things I Hate About Myself”

  1. I enjoy this show! I could create a list longer than 10 but my biggest “hate” is your number 10.

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