What the … HELL?!

There are all types of things to comment on here. Take, for example, I didn’t know God came in versions. I thought God was immutable. And I can’t help but wonder where a healed me finds myself at the end of my transcendence journey. But what struck me hardest, as it was supposed to, I’m sure, is the sermon title slated for April 18: “Get the Hell out of My Bible.”

… What the … hell?! I thought Christ followers (Christian is such an ambivalent term these days) were supposed to share things. How are you gonna share your bible and subsequently the word–presumably, your truth–if you want people to get the hell out of the source of your truth. If this isn’t sensationalism, I don’t know what is.

It’s not lost on me, of course, that Carlton Pearson is the controversial interim senior pastor of Christ Universal Temple Church in Chicago, Ill. And that he’s controversial in more ways than one–not merely because of his shift from Pentecostal preacher to new age guru but because of his current post at Christ Universal Temple. There’s plenty I could say about that; I have intimate knowledge, but I won’t. Guerilla blogging is not my style. I couldn’t, however, help be taken aback by this recycled message title.

Advertisement for April sermon series at Christ Universal Temple, Chicago


~ by MsInklination on April 12, 2010.

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