Slippery “Telephone” Slopes

I haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video. I’ve seen the stills, and that’s enough for me. I’m not compelled to watch 10 minutes of “look-at-me-I’m-so-different-and-I’m-going-to-be-an-icon-but-I’m-not-trying-to-because-I’m-so-cool-I-will-be-in-spite-of”-ness. Nope, just not interested. I was, however, interested to see that India.Arie (who I’m assuming has seen the video) had something about it via Twitter. Here’s what she had to say:

Don’t be offended this is all MY opinion… Am I the only one who thinks the “Telephone” video is going a bit too far?
I’m not referring to the abstract nature of the video … I’m talking about the IMAGERY – the unspoken back story, the language the message

More of her Twitter rant when you read the rest….

I agree gaga is being her image .. I dig her creative mind But still … There’s a such thing as socially irresponsible… I’m just sayin.

Its not long before somebody does a straight NAKED video. Not like Alanis morrisette “thank you india” like NAKED dancing around. LOL hahaha

Let’s be CLEAR! I know it gaga M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsibility

There’s an artist ever 10 years who pushes the envelope … but its bout to fall off the Table. When is it too far?

I respect the creative mind but disagree with the “choices” as a dish meant to be served for mass consumption ..

Crazy to me that the Dark, underbelly, so shock at all cost thing is a TREND like asymmetrical hair and big shoulder jackets. Slippery slope!

What’s your opinion? Have you seen the video? What did you think? Is there a limit of envelope pushing?


~ by MsInklination on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Slippery “Telephone” Slopes”

  1. I’ve seen the video. Not sure where the “envelope-pushing” part is though. Lady Gaga in a thong dancing in prison, Beyonce poisoning Tyrese in a diner, a Gaga/Beyonce dance routine in the diner, culminating in a “Thelma and Louise”-like ride into the sunset…Sorry I fail to see the envelope or the pushing. Madonna and Black Jesus in the “Like a Prayer” video is envelope-pushing. This video…not so much.

  2. That’s the thing, I believe, Shay. Who among us is required to be socially responsible? One of the problems in our society is that we shirk responsibility for everything. The artist says, “I’m no role model, I’m an artist.” The parent says, “What else do you want me to do? My child listens to (insert an artists’ name here) more than (s)he listens to me.” The teachers say, “I can’t rear them and teach them.” The young person says, “I had no one to teach me; you can’t blame me.” So who’s accountable?

  3. Well, I’ve seen the video. Is it very sexual? Yes. Do I really care about it, and do I let it influence my decisions? NO. But then again I am a grown ass woman who is independent, successful and secure.

    Now, these little girls on the other hand, who sees this video more than likely feel a degree of pressure to “sex it up” and that’s sad. It’s bad enough that men/boys put pressure on us at a very young age to have a nice shape, have sex, be sexual etc. It doesn’t that women add to these pressures.

    In the respect I am disappointed in their decisions when making this video because young girls are so impressionable – and WILL be negatively influenced this. But honestly, as a public, what should we expect? I don’t them! They’ve never done anything other than sing and dance that caught my attention. So why should I expect for them to be socially responsible? How many celebrities are?

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