Friday Find

As you know, I’m all about accessories. Eyewear is no different.

I know a couple people who’ve recently gotten Lasix surgery. How wonderful it would be to see un-aided, but I love the flexibility of using contacts and glasses. I own six pairs of glasses. Nay, five. I stepped on a pair the other day and broke them. I didn’t fret, however. Know why? Because of today’s Friday Find. Zenni Optical.

A friend introduced me to this site not long ago when I was looking for a new pair of frames that wouldn’t break the bank. (Frames can be as inexpensive $8 per pair!) And if you’re not concerned with a brand name logo being plastered on the handle of your trendy (or not so–yes, they have those ugly old-man glasses, too) frames, Zenni is for you.

Of course there are thousands of pairs, I just pulled out a couple that I liked. Look away

Zenni Optical Frames, $19

Zenni Optical Frames, $24


~ by MsInklination on March 19, 2010.

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