If the Shoe Fits …

Life is happening, I’ve been letting shoes passing us by. I must get back to basics.

This Alexander McQueen wide square, peep toe, electric blue satin upper shoe with 3/4″ platform and 4 3/4″ heel makes my heart sing. If my wedding was tomorrow, I’d wear this shoe. I’d also wear this shoe tomorrow if it was your wedding. In fact, I’d wear this shoe tomorrow to Kroger, if I owned it. And for $719, I can. Classic. Sexy. Meant to be. That’s all the things this shoe is.

Alexander McQueen satin pump

This shoe is a risk. Most of you may not like it, but I heart it. If you love or hate it, one thing’s undeniable, with its 1 1/4″ platform and 5″ heel, there’s no way you won’t notice it. To me, this Rock & Republic wonder says “I’ll make you love me, and you’ll like it” with its chiffon upper and leather detailing. I do. And I do.

Rock & Republic, Gwyneth, $379


~ by MsInklination on March 10, 2010.

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