An Obligatory Oscar Post

Some rule says I’m supposed to write something about the Oscars, so here goes.

I watched the Academy Awards Sunday evening with my mom and aunts. It was boring and the first time I’ve ever watched. It will probably be the final. I was anxious to see how many people of color would bring home gold statues and whether or not James Cameron’s ex-wife, whose name I can’t remember, would win for directing “The Hurt Locker.” She did. And as for the black people, there were a few more people who won than I expected.

Mo’Nique gave an acceptance speech for her Best Supporting Actress role in “Precious” that people seemed to have either loved or hated. And the black-man-with-locs producer of some short, independent film got KWed by a white lady while he was making his acceptance speech. That was uncomfortable. I felt a flush of what I’m sure 16-year-old white girls felt when Kanye West interrupted their idol Taylor Swift’s thank you speech when she won best singer in the whole world. Quiet indignation. Quiet indignation with thoughts of boycotting someone or something to show just how serious I am about injustice of all kinds.

There were lots of gowns, but none of them caused aftershocks from fashiongasms for me, especially now that it’s been a couple days. The evening’s highlight was the dance routine. After it was done, I took a nap. I deserved it after watching people accept awards for everything from best screenplay (Geoffrey Fletcher, a black man) to best screenplay stapler and coffee getter.

I wonder what it is about the Oscars that gets people all giddy. I won’t be watching again to figure it out, but if someone knows wherein specifically the giddy-inducing moments lie, please share.


~ by MsInklination on March 10, 2010.

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