Party of the Year, Carl

Yet another party plugger. Yet another person promoting said party who didn’t pay much attention during the grammar lessons of elementary and junior high school. The issues I found at first glance are circled in blue. What’d I miss?

(There’s not a technical problem with the Nuvo give-a-way. I just take personal issue with people giving away Nuvo. This is the case with the fact that Lil Mama is performing. There’s not a technical problem but … I just didn’t know chicks were still smacking their lips and bobbing their heads to “Lip Gloss.” Shows what I know. And for that drop it low contest, just in case you’re no up to connecting the blue circles, other than the fact that “win” requires an “s,” I’m not sure how one gives away a singular “Gucci bags.” Oddly enough, there aren’t any un-words on this plugger.)


~ by MsInklination on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “Party of the Year, Carl”

  1. It’s not that the author can’t spell. I’m sure there was a character limitation at a certain price point. These businessmen (includes women) were simply trying maximize their profit margins by not spending excessively on advertising. So naturally they made cuts and abbreviations to stay within the character limitation.

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