Major Mascot Modification

University of Mississippi, affectionately or maybe not so also referred to as Ole Miss, is getting a mascot upgrade. Maybe. At least that’s the plan. Some people seem to think that might not happen.

In a story written by jim Caple on the ESPN website, the writer cites:

Websites have sprouted up in support of the mascot. Some people are calling for a school boycott. A few days before my sports tour down the Mississippi brought me to campus, the student government held a vote. Of the 1,687 votes cast, 94 percent wanted to keep the mascot.

“They’re messing with something that doesn’t need to be messed with,” a student told the school newspaper, the Daily Mississippian. “It’s getting on our nerves. They’re messing with history.”

A friend of mine, however, thinks they should keep the mascot and adjust it a bit. Today, while we were IMing, he said:

Why don’t they just keep the same mascot but show him with a couple of limbs blown off. Then people could remember the University Grays, who took 100 percent casualties storming Cemetery Ridge at the Battle of Gettysburg. Mississippi spent half its state budget on prosthetic limbs in 1866.

I don’t think administration would take his suggestion seriously but
(Here’s Caple’s story in its entirety. Oh. And if you care, which I kinda don’t too much, here’s a little more about the topic from another site. In this article, the author offers the mascot considerations like Admiral Akbar. Oh. And in a major digression–this is a pun; just wait, you’ll see– my alma mater’s mascot, the Millsaps Major, looks just like Colonel Reb but he wears purple. And ironically, I couldn’t find a single picture of him in my image search.)


~ by MsInklination on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “Major Mascot Modification”

  1. Lol….mascots with no limbs and celtics. This guy is hilarious.

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