Maybe the Russians Will Help Us

Would someone care to explain to me what benefit black women gain from going on RT (formerly called Russia Today, a worldwide broadcast English-language-speaking channel) television to talk about not being able to find a black man to date? I declare I’m starting to feel like a freak (not the bedroom kind but the weirdo kind where scientists and their mathematician friends stare, say “hmmm …” and hypothesize).

There’s something else about this whole thing that adds another degree of curious to the equation for me.

I have a friend who currently lives in Russia. When we talked about being the American in a foreign land, she told me how distrustful, fearful and sometimes outright mean the Russian people are, in general, to dark-skinned people. Not just black Americans or Africans, but white-skinned people who aren’t pale. She, who is pale with red hair doesn’t have problems, but her husband (who is white but has a deep olive complexion) has been warned not to go to too many unfamiliar places alone as he might find himself in a quandry because of his skin color. This being the case, I can’t help but feel even more like a case study and not a human being and wonder what about the dating dilemma statistics say I have is of interest to Russians.


~ by MsInklination on February 17, 2010.

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