My Story Ends, as Stories Do …

I spent last night (Valentine’s Day for some, Singles’ Awareness Day for others) with a group of wonderful people of all kinds (both single and not so single, beautiful and … not). It was good time. But as love and all of its aspects continue to cross my mind, I remembered seeing Anita Baker recently performing “Fairytales” on “The Mo’Nique Show” and was irritated that I, for a long time, heard more fairytales about love than I did truths about it. That is inevitably one of the reasons so many people (women, in particular) find themselves with broken hearts and baggage. Unmet and unrealistic expectation make for unhealthy relationships. Booo to society for selling me a pipe dream. Anita Baker’s (not on Mo’Nique, but another live performance) “Fairytales” …


~ by MsInklination on February 15, 2010.

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