“Gangsta’s Paradise”

Complex counted down The 50 Most Racist Movies. “Dangerous Minds,” starring Michelle Pfeiffer is number 17. If the movie was racist or not, at the time, I didn’t care. I just liked Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” from the soundtrack. Thinking back on this, however, some things don’t make much sense.

“‘Cause I’ve been blasting and laughing so long that …” — Listening to the subsequent lyrics, it’s difficult to imagine that there was much laughing going on.

“I’m 23 now/will I leave to see 24/the way things are going I don’t know.” — Coolio wasn’t 23 then and hadn’t been forever. Is this song to purport he was the high school students’ peer? And if that’s the case, can you still be in high school when you’re 23?

“Everybody’s running, but but half of them ain’t looking/It’s going on in the kitchen/but I don’t know what’s cooking.” — What’s going on in the kitchen?

Nonetheless, here’s the nostalgic hit for the day, “Gansta’s Paradise.”


~ by MsInklination on January 29, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Gangsta’s Paradise””

  1. I was not lame. The song sampled Stevie Wonder’s “Pasttime Paradise.” Anything Wonder does isn’t close to lameness. Plus, it was one of the few rap songs I knew all the words to and could keep up with. Wait. Why am I justifying my decade-old musical preferences to you?!

  2. just know you were def a lame…chapter 13 and i heard this record and wondered why on earth anyone could like coolio or this song…lol…

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