Un-Words, Pt. XIII/Grammar Rules, Pt. II

I’m not even sure how to type this out, but it needs to be addressed because it’s an epidemic, so I’ll try my best. Since the sky is blue, would people please stop trying to make “I” possessive by adding an “apostrophe ‘s'” to the end?

“Xanquavis’ and I’s first kiss was perfect.”
“Xanquavis’ and my first kiss was perfect.”

The possessive form of “I” is “my.” It’s simple. It’s really that simple.

By the way, I would be jealous of the person who got to kiss Xanquavis because they had a perfect kiss, but I just can’t see myself wanting to kiss a person named Xanquavis.

Speaking of kissing, I was looking for a picture of a black couple kissing and didn’t find a lot from which to choose. When I finally found an image to use, the person who’d posted the pic said they didn’t recall ever having seen two black people PDAing. It made me wonder if I had. And the more I thought about it, the more I think the only time I remember black people publicly showing their affection for one another is when it was me and a guy. We’re not talking everything but sex here. I mean stolen kisses, gentle caresses, the occasional pat on the butt, a hand on a thigh while talking, even holding hands. Is this something black folks just don’t do? (Now I’m humming John Legend’s “PDA” and wondering if he and I are the only melanin-tinged people who dig it.) What do you think keeps people from showing their feelings for one another beyond four walls?


~ by MsInklination on January 25, 2010.

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