Don’t Need No Hateration in this Dancery

I was talking to my mother one day about I don’t remember what and she says, “Are you hatin’?” She wasn’t actually calling me a hater but was, rather, asking me to identify if what I was doing was called hating. And then I knew that this slang had not only reached the pinnacle of pop culture because my 60-something mom knew the lingo, but it was also time for it to be retired.

The other day I was poking around on the ‘net and came across a blog (with a pretty bold name) with a list of the “Foolywang of 2009.” Number thee was “Haterism.” The author says:

I really don’t know where this whole “hater” thing started, or how all of a sudden the use of this simpleton form of argument came about, but to the few plebs individuals who created it: F*CK YOU VERY MUCH. You have taken the art of criticism, debating and arguing and turned it into a simple dismissive sentence of “you hater.” … These days any form of disagreement is automatically interpreted into jealousy.

Read the rest of the foolywang list here.

This hater talk, of course, makes me think of a song.


~ by MsInklination on January 13, 2010.

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