I Know I Shouldn’t Ask Why But …

I try to avoid “why” questions. They’re not good. They put the person you’re asking questions on the defensive, demanding a response and can potentially implicating or imply something about the person from whom you’re looking to get information. Beyond that, answers to “why” questions often end up being excessive excuses and responses, not answers. Example: Why are you always getting drunk? There are 100 responses to this question that never get to the bottom of the matter. Considering this, I have a question to ask you. WHY IN THE FREAK DOES RIHANNA HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT?

The New York Daily News says that on June 29, you can expect to see “Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth” to hit bookshelves. And for $38, you can take it from the bookshelf in the store to your bookshelf at home. It’s 144 pages, so it would probably serve as a good doorstop after you look at all the purty, sessi pickchurs. The girl can take a picture now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the book won’t be good. I’m not saying the book won’t be deep. I’m not saying the book won’t have words. I’m just asking why. Just asking why. That’s all. That’s all.


~ by MsInklination on January 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “I Know I Shouldn’t Ask Why But …”

  1. Yes! E. Badu gave us the basic philosophy already: Pack light. And then she added to that by telling us love would make it better. RhiRhi didn’t get the memo. We better tell her.

  2. Well I’ll say it. It won’t be good and it won’t be deep. If she were really trying to heal and be a role model, she’d take the time to to seek some real help instead of going on a media blitz which will now be bookended by a “memoir.” I can almost guarantee that her psychic advisors Jay-Z and Beyonce have not helped her to expedite her spiritual and/or her emotional growth. Sat down somewhere guhl! Get them bags off your back!

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