Un-Words, Pt. XI

This … this … man. This is bad. There are all types of infringements up and through this here plugger. This. is. disgusting. My friend spotted it and sent it to me. I had relatively reasonable hopes, at first, with their correct usage of apostrophes in the first line, “Murrah’s Barbie’s and Baller’s Bash.” Murrah’s Barbies and Murrah’s Ballers are throwing the bash. OK. Great. But then they got all haphazard with the apostrophes, and it’s all downhill from there.

I know people do this unconventional spelling thing nowadays. “Iz” instead of “is,” “tha” or “da” instead of “the” but … does anyone know how to spell anything anymore? Can’t you just go ahead and put the “g” on the end of the word calling? Or at least put an apostrophe after the “n” to show that you know it’s supposed to be there and you’re trying to be clever? What about the reckless use of exclamation points? Oh, Jesus! Please. Come now. I circled all the mistakes I found at first glance. Do you see anymore?

(I won’t even bother discussing these wretched pictures. I won’t. It’s not worth it. And it’s not our focus. But oh could I …)


~ by MsInklination on December 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Un-Words, Pt. XI”

  1. I see a couple more:
    “yall” instead of “y’all”
    “ya” instead of “you”

    I’d say this is pretty effective marketing. They’re speaking to the type of audience they want to attract. They obviously don’t want any intellectuals there. With these posters they’ll only attract people that went to “skool” instead of “school.” Where else but “skool” would one learn to spell like -> dat? lol

  2. This is horrible!!! Surely the barbies and ballers are not currently enrolled at Murrah. I could only imagine the type of foolishness that will occur during this event and the management of the club should be slapped!

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