Of Rogues and Subarus

So my friend, Mr. Mover/Shaker, poses the question “As a group, do African Americans own more Subarus or signed copies of ‘Going Rogue?’” on his IM status. Here’s the conversation that ensued as a result …

MsInklination: “Going Rogue”
Mr. Mover/Shaker: I’m not sure!
MsInklination: Yeah. I think so. It takes a special black person to drive a Subaru without apology. You can find a reasonably plausible justification for having “Going Rogue” on your bookshelf, though.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: I’m not sure. I don’t know a single black person in either category.
MsInklination: I know a black girl who drives a Subaru; she’s a bit of a weirdo on anyone’s scale. Not just a black person scale. But Palin … I definitely think there are black women who admire her. The black women with white husbands.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Really? I would think that black women that admire Palin would also admire Rush Limbaugh. How many can there be? And how many of them drive Subarus?
MsInklination: They drive Suburbans, not Subarus! And I don’t think they admire Rush Limbaugh, but they do think he’s misunderstood.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Are there enough of these black women to fill a Sally’s Beauty Supply?
MsInklination: Fill? No. Make an arm-linking perimeter? Sure. And maybe even double to reinforce the entry.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Hahahaha! How can I get the U.S. Census Bureau to add these questions to their survey?
MsInklination: Uhhh … well, you have to find a selling point. You have to get them to understand the added value to them knowing that information. People of African descent who drive Subarus and admire Sarah Palin are more likely to ____ than others, therefore, this information is necessary and not strictly for entertainment purposes. Something like that.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: hmm, they are more likely to…
MsInklination: Not be terrorists. But something equally as scary?
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Douchebags?
MsInklination: The government doesn’t recognize douchebaggery. It doesn’t scare them, at least.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: So I first need to contact my member of Congress to introduce legislation that would add douchebags to the list of recognized groups
MsInklination: Exactly. As a hate group, in fact.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: BTW, I think “doucebaggery” is one of the funniest words I’ve ever heard!!
MsInklination: They don’t have to know that the hate is of the colloquial sort.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Oooh. The Southern Poverty Law Center can begin tracking douchebags!
MsInklination: YES! I know a guy who works for them. He writes for the Intelligence Report.
Mr. Mover/Shaker: Maybe I should call them.
MsInklination: We have to start somewhere. Everyone else did.

Your thoughts? Subarus or “Going Rogue?” Which is more likely owned by a black person?


~ by MsInklination on December 7, 2009.

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