“Love No Limit”

Does love without a limit have to hurt? Does it mean having to convince your potential partner of your stick-to-it-iveness while they get to choose fickle? Is that how you prove your fortitude, by standing beside them, in spite of? And what happens when your limitless love isn’t reciprocated? Does it make you a quitter to walk away?


~ by MsInklination on December 7, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Love No Limit””

  1. I had this blog posting in my head today and searched through your archives to find it. It stuck with me after I read it. I intended to provide a thoughtful response, but six months later I still don’t have one. I can’t say if walking away from a relationship where limitless love is not reciprocated makes a person a quitter, but I sure feel like one.

  2. Thank you, MsInklination. I’ve had this song in my head all day. Now I’m back to listen to it again. Was this song in your head? Was giving it to me part of your devious plan?

    • MsInklination is pleased to oblige. No, this isn’t part of a devious plan. MsInklination doesn’t make devious plans. And if she did, it wouldn’t include this song. It would include one that urged the commoners and idiots to offer MsInklination world domination powers. Besides, this song is always in MsInklination’s head. MsInklination will stop referring to herself in third person. Even when it’s not her real name, it creeps MsInklination out.

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