Un-Words, Pt. X

We’re taking a tour of the “city,” and my uncle pulls up to this house to introduce my mom, aunts and me to a family (a mom and her 10 children) he’s taken under his wings. As the disheveled family excitedly talks to uncle and introduce themselves to us strangers, the mother says about the food her children ate on Thanksgiving, “They liked to ate so much they got sick. And now they want to get to my ice cream, but I haven’t even aten any.”

Aten. Yeah. That’s not a word. I looked it up at urbandictionary.com, though, and they had this to say:

aten: to have already ate food. or to have eaten already.
No I don’t wanna go to Mc Donalds because I have already aten

Why can’t you just say eaten? Same letters and ad d one. One’s a word and the other isn’t.


~ by MsInklination on December 1, 2009.

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