Race Relations 101

A Jewish guy, David Goldberg, has written a book “How to Deal with White People: A Quick Easy-to-Read Handbook.” So says the book’s website:

“At last! An honest, straightforward and unapologetic guide to help reduce culture shock between the races. Using the methods and tips within, you can ease the confusion of interacting with white people, establishing a more direct approach, ensuring your own sense of peace. Learn How to Communicate With Whites. Identify which whites wear “The Mask”. Inside, you’ll find these points as well as: – Why whites are more courageous in the workplace (“The office is white people’s turf.”) – Why there still is little to no diversity in entertainment. (“Whites own all media. People of color own no outlets.”) – How to activate your very own personal White People B.S. Decoder (Whites say, “Let the past go”. Decoded, “Let us do what we want and shut up”.)

My first question is: Do you (yes, you personally) need to be taught or reminded how to intermingle? And if you do, even without reading the book, what lessons have you learned about interacting should he cover?


While I was reading about Goldberg’s book, I ran across one titled “How Minority Students Experience College: Implications for Planning and Policy” (Lemuel Watson, Melvin Cleveland Terrell, Doris J. Wright, Fred Bonner II) and immediately thought of Magnolia’s governor’s proposal to merge the three publicly funded historically black colleges/universities in the state to one. The book’s goal, from what I can tell is to help those who are administrators at PWIs to make their campuses truly diverse and respecting of multiculturalism. My cousin told me once if you want to know how serious a university is about their diversity efforts, look at the amount of money administration pours into it.


~ by MsInklination on November 23, 2009.

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