“Five Myths about our Land of Opportunity”

I found this looking at a friend’s Twitter page when I was supposed to be looking at something else. (Is that how you say it? “on a friend’s Twitter page?” No, you cannot follow me on Twitter. I don’t believe in Twitter.)

Five Myths about our Land of Opportunity (from the Washington Post)

1. Americans enjoy more economic opportunity than people in other countries.
2. In the United States, each generation does better than the past one.
3. Immigrant workers and the offshoring of jobs drive poverty and inequality in the United States.
4. If we want to increase opportunities for children, we should give their families more income.
5. We can fund new programs to boost opportunity by cutting waste and abuse in the federal budget.

And she’s right. I, too, am looking for a mention of race in the article.


~ by MsInklination on November 11, 2009.

One Response to ““Five Myths about our Land of Opportunity””

  1. And here I was about to suggest you tweet to increase traffic to your blog.

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