All about the Dress

It’s difficult for me to take Rihanna seriously as a personality after her interview with Diane Sawyer last Friday on “20/20.” It’s also difficult for me to get behind those who are trumpeting her as a role model, considering her assault and subsequent decision to eventually end her relationship with Chris Brown earlier this year. I, personally, believe this had more to do with fear of losing corporate sponsorships than emotional health, but that’s not what this post is about. (Let me say this, though, in all seriousness: Domestic violence, no matter the gender of the person doing the battery, is unacceptable.) This post is about the dress pop princess wore to the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year Awards (where she was honored, along with lifetime achievement honoree Maya Angelou, pediatrician Jane Aronson, Serena Williams, Stella McCartney and Laura Ling and Euna Lee). She’s catching flack for the Stephane Rolland gown, and I love it. It’s exquisite. This is where fashion meets art. So for this moment in time, I’m showing her love and taking her seriously.

Rihanna, I salute you …


Rihanna at the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year Awards (photo by Michael Loccisano)

I must admit, however, I am wondering what it is Rihanna did to garner such a distinction as one of the Women of the Year besides leave her abusive boyfriend.


~ by MsInklination on November 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “All about the Dress”

  1. I really like this gown, but I’m not sure I like it on her … or maybe her hair and make up is too ‘girl next door,’ to provide the look the edge it needs.

    I think Rihanna still has some processing to do as far as this incident goes. I think she’s got most of it, but I wish the interviewer had asked her how she felt she and Chris Brown were “equally dangerous to each other.” And how this “obsession” manifested itself.

    I was also bothered by the way she seemed to minimize other abuse, like how she seems to think, shoving someone into a wall once is ok, but shoving multiple times is not.

    And she seems to be a little too concerned about Chris having a successful career.

    On positive notes, I’m glad she never listened to his stupid apology song.
    That’s like one step up from a hallmark card. Do they make one that says: I’m sorry I blacked your eye, bit you, made you bleed from your face and swell up like a pack of water logged paper, baby? Maybe I’m discovering an untapped market. Maybe they could make one covered in platinum for big ballers like him.

    I felt like I understood her motivations for doing the interview. Anytime someone looks at her they she what happened an maybe by sitting down and answering some of the questions publicly she can move on.

    Also, I always wondered why she objected to the restraining order, but I believed her and understood when she said that the RTO just adds to the spectacle. Of course, I’m glad to see it’s in place. I guess if she wants to be spiteful she can have some one ply him with champagne then stand in front of the men’s room. 10 yards away fool!

    As far as her corporate sponsors go, I’m sure they played a role in her deciding not to continue the relationship, but I believe her when she said that she tried to go back but just couldn’t stand looking at, talking to, hearing him. Especially when dude is water skiing acting like it’s old times. I think when you’re face with choices like the one she was faced with: stay with a man that beat and publicly humiliated you versus losing your career chunk by chunk, for an ambitious driven woman that seems like a no brainer. Had there been no risk to her career, would she have tried again longer? Probably. But I suspect it would have turned out the same way, her realizing she couldn’t forgive him. … but it would have been harder to rebuild.

    So I don’t necessarily think it’s fair to say that she left for good solely due to pressure from her sponsors … or her emotional health.

    **Speaking of dresses and dressing, I thought she looked amazing during the interview. From that Basic Instinct dress to her flawless make up, the way her hair was pinned back – I just felt like she was telling Chris : You will never see me uncross these legs mf-er! **

    So ultimately, I can take her seriously as a personality after this interview. I hope she’s able to move on and excel professionally and psychologically.

    • I don’t think the thought of losing endorsements is the sole reason Rih-Rih decided to sever ties; I think Jay-Z was in her ear, too. I kid. Actually, I’m not, I really do think he was in her ear, but I don’t think either of those is the *only* reason. We rarely have just one reason for doing anything. But the fact of the matter is, as she corrected Diane Sawyer, it takes, on average, an abused individual eight or nine times to leave (for good) the person who abused them. While she’s a star and a woman of the year, human nature is difficult for even the brightest among us to escape.

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