Defense Wins Championships

I thought of two lead-ins to this post and its video when I saw the clip on the news this morning, so take your pick:

1. I’ve never been too competitive. I just don’t have that gotta-win spirit. This is probably, in part, thanks to an incident I had in second grade at a Girl Scouts fun day. As my partner (I remember her name, but won’t tell you; I don’t want to seem like I’m harboring ill will) and I headed hurriedly toward the finish line with my right side bound to her left in a three-legged race, we tripped, she fell on top of me and I felt a grave pain in my right hand. My hand was cramped in a Vulcan “v.” My right ring finger was broken, and that very day I decided winning the blue ribbon in some physical activity was never worth the effort I would put into it. I’ve maintained this position. This soccer player chick obviously would never agree.

2. I once dated a guy who played rugby. I resisted the sport and its cultish camaraderie for a long time because I felt like a mistress to it. That’s a long story that I won’t get into right now. When I finally stopped resisting and actually went to watch him play in a match, it was everything I thought it would be: barbaric. I think this chick has confused rugby and soccer.

Did she cross the line or is it just me and my non-competitiveness that causes me to judge her?

UPDATE: The hair janker, Elizabeth Lambert apologized for her rogue behavior and has been suspended indefinitely.


~ by MsInklination on November 7, 2009.

One Response to “Defense Wins Championships”

  1. Wow! That chick was ridiculous. That was wayyy beyond competitiveness. She was straight gangsta on that field. Yes, she crossed way over the line. Thought I was watching football or hockey. I know what you mean though ’cause I’m not a very competitive person either. See, that’s why I know I wouldn’t do too well on those competitive reality TV shows. They’d kick me off for not wanting to win badly enough. lol

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