Currish Culinary Concoctions

This is totally not my typical kind of post but …

I don’t love eggs from my head down to my legs and never have. But even I did love eggs from my head down to my legs, eating an entire carton of eggs at once seems like overkill. Literally. Texas Benedict is eggs benedict with poached eggs, bacon and fried chicken on homemade biscuits topped with Texas gravy.


Eggs Five Ways

More eggs …

Texas Benedict

This delight is served with bacon mayonnaise for dipping.


Deep Fried Bacon Crusted Pork Rinds

I do enjoy an onion ring but … this one with a strip of bacon in it makes my flesh crawl. It looks like a scary creature showing its teeth.


Bacon Infused Onion Ring

And because things are best presented in odd numbers, and you have to have dessert …



See these and other seriously grody food offerings at the This is Why You’re Fat website. While there, you may want to purchase the book of the same name. It’s “an ode to junk food porn.”


~ by MsInklination on November 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Currish Culinary Concoctions”

  1. “It looks like a scary creature showing its teeth.” LOL!!!! It really does! That is one UGLY onion ring. Food should never be that ugly. Imagine seeing a whole platter of those suckas at a gala or something. lol

  2. Ummmm the onion ring looks like an embryo. Sick. Disgusting. Really.

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