Secrets Rot the Soul

While talkin’ ’bout good and bad hair is something I’m game to discuss, I’ve avoided it with the recent mainstream pop culture fascination with the topic. I think I’ve figured something out, though, so I’ll address it and save my “To Relax or Not to Relax” post for a time with when the spotlight has shone somewhere else.

Just about every time Chris Rock has appeared on any television show in the past two weeks promoting his latest venture, the film “Good Hair,” I’ve watched it. A couple times, Nia Long accompanied him. But mostly, it’s been him telling the same (funny) jokes, no matter whose couch he’s sitting on or who he’s chatting with. When people have had the opportunity to respond to what Rock has done with this movie (e.g., on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”), the comments that confuse me the most are the ones who are displeased with the film and the comedian who made it because he’s “telling everyone our secrets.”

The women have been quite emotional as they express their disappointment in him. One woman, an Oprah audience member, said she believed what he’d done with the film was degrade women. Degrade? I was as shocked as he was when she used that word. Rock retorted humorously, of course, “Degrade? Who am I? R. Kelly?”

But as I’ve continued listening to the praise and badgering Rock has been getting, it’s the badgering that’s confused me the most. What is this thing with revealed secrets? What secret? Your weave? That’s no secret. And what is this with all of these women protesting men touching their hair? I don’t get it. I love for a man to put his fingers in my hair. Now that’s some … never mind. (I did have one unacceptable hair-touching incident that would cause me to digress. I’m not in the mood to pause for a disgressed cause, so I’ll just save that story for later.)

As I thought, it hit me as swiftly as I used to pat my head when I was going to get fresh coat of relaxer smeared on my roots before I went natural (for the second time). I’m not a weaveaholic. I don’t have anything to hide. There’s no reason for a man not to put his hands in my hair. And the two times I’ve worn a sew-in, I just assumed everyone knew it wasn’t mine and was surprised when some people thought it was.

Black folks with complaints, I have a request: Get over it. By all means, you have the right to like or dislike the film. But come on. Are you offended because your secret has been revealed or because some of your absurdities (like not paying rent so you can get your wig split) have been outed?

I’m just asking. What are your thoughts?


~ by MsInklination on October 12, 2009.

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