They Loaded Up the Truck and They Moved to Bever … Back Down South

Well, my friend, Maestro, and I were scheduled to leave yesterday. That didn’t happen, but God is so awesome. I don’t know if Jesus had packing in mind when he was talking to the father of the young boy who was possessed with the evils in Mark 9 when he said “all things are possible for those who believe,” but he certainly helped my unbelief. The impossible was made possible: Somehow we got every nail, shelf and sock on the moving truck or in the car. It took us working from 9 a.m.–the day before, we’d planned to be gone Tuesday by 10 a.m.–until about 7:30 p.m. to get everything packed (to include 50 boxes, not counting suitcases and other odds and ends containers chock full with stuff) and the apartment clean, but it happened. (We’re helping a friend move things, too. There’s an apartment-and-a-half worth of stuff on a 16-ft. truck. Wow!)

We ate, showered, slept for a couple hours at a friend’s house and now it’s 4:45 Wednesday morning, and we’ve been driving a little more than an hour. Besides the 18 wheelers, we’re practically the only ones on the road.

Life is most certainly about to change …

I’m going to take a nap now and prepare myself for my turn to drive the truck.


~ by MsInklination on August 19, 2009.

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