“Good Hair”

When I first heard Chris Rock was working on this project, I was immediately interested in seeing it. I figured it would have some value … completely unlike the hour “The Tyra Banks Show” dedicated to the topic of black women and our hair. (Tyra wore cornrows that day. Apropos, right?) The project has Rock’s hands all over it, so I wondered what kind of treatment the subject matter would receive. And according to the trailer, it will be comical, yes, but insightful. I’m especially impressed by the celebrity personalities who admit plainly they’re donning weaves. The film hits theaters October 9, but is only in limited release. That means, I suppose, I’ll have to drive to New Orleans from my new/old home to catch it.

Thanks for reminding me I wanted to do something with this, Locs!


~ by MsInklination on August 7, 2009.

One Response to ““Good Hair””

  1. […] appeared on any television show in the past two weeks promoting his latest venture, the film “Good Hair,” I’ve watched it. A couple times, Nia Long accompanied him. But mostly, it’s […]

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