Friday Finds

Let’s get intimate, shall we?

One of the things I enjoy most, especially after a week of drudgery is soak in a long, hot bath. Bubbles threaten to spill over the tub’s edge every time I make a move; the subtle scent of peonies waft in the air as I close my eyes and convince myself I won’t drift off to sleep as I hear the wicks on candles pop every now and then as they burn. The perfect ending to is to get out of the tub, slather on moisturizer so good I want to caress my own arm and then slip into something silky.

Ladies, for those of you who don’t know, lingerie is not for them, it’s for you! Pamper yourself. And this week’s find would be the perfect thing in which to indulge. It’s the most luxurious short, silk kimono by Carine Gilson. The sleeves are grandiose, as they should be, since it’s kimono-style, and are embellished with chantilly lace. Wear it over the matching babydoll or nothing but your bear skin. (I said we were getting intimate, didn’t I?)

Carine Gilson: Les Antoinettes Short Kimono, $1208

Carine Gilson: Les Antoinettes Short Kimono, $1208

If you don’t want to spend quite this much on self-pampering, though I’m sure you deserve it just as much as I, the point remains. Go to Victoria’s Secrets (even TJ Maxx or Marshall’s), see what you can find and be divine for yourself, not just to entice a man … or woman (hey, who am I to judge?).


~ by MsInklination on July 31, 2009.

One Response to “Friday Finds”

  1. I want one! The embroidery on the sleeves is beautiful.

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