Friday Finds (and a Little Gloating)

This happened about a month ago, but is noteworthy, nonetheless. In fact, I’ll probably cherish this memory until I’m at least 81 years old. It’s emblazoned in my brain.

At an event, when I was being forced (yes, forced; it’s not a slight to anyone; I’m a true introvert, and that’s the way it is) to rub elbows with some of the Windy City’s most noted characters, I was introduced to Terri Stevens, the designer who appeared on season five of Bravo’s–before it was sold to Lifetime–“Project Runway.” I appreciate a personality and talent on a reality show that doesn’t seek out the camera’s peering eye. That was Terri. She just did her thing. And for that reason, I was a fan.

So someone introduces me to Terri, and I tell her how much I loved the top she was wearing, as I found myself fondling its ruffles. It may have been a bit much for some, but I’m all for a little extraness, as you may know.

“You made this, right?” I asked.

“You know I did!” she replied, as we both laughed.

We chatted, and as we were about to go our respective ways, rubbing other people’s elbows she said, “You know, I wanted to tell you every time I see you, you look fabulous. You really know how to dress for your body. I mean, every time I see you, you just bring it.”

… and I gloated for the rest of the night. (I also dismissed myself to the hallway and called my mom right afterwards at about 11:15 p.m. to tell her about the exchange. It’s not often a designer gives a girl who weighs more than commodity-sized bag of rice a compliment about her fashion sense, ya know? They can be quite the sizists.)

Here’s the inspiring top Terri wore with the most perfect, body conscious, white satin cigarette pants and a severe pointy toe black pump.

Designer Terri Stevens (Tarji Smedley)

Designer Terri Stevens (Tarji Smedley)

And here’s a link to her website where you can get a peek at her design style then proceed on to her TattooedTees to do a little shopping.

Now if I could just scrounge up the money to pay her to design something specifically for me, I’d be in some for real business!


~ by MsInklination on July 24, 2009.

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