Medicine for Melancholy

I was talking to a friend yesterday (on the way to see John Legend and India.Arie in concert—yay me! … we ended up not seeing India.Arie because we were typical and late, but she did do one song, “Good Morning,” with Johnny Boy, so I was delighted). He’s a writer, too, and is into movies. Not just big movie house release movies, but independent films—the one that typically have a point of view. So he mentioned to me a film I’d read about not still hadn’t seen. And now, after watching the trailer, I think everyone should see it. If the film’s title alone doesn’t make you want to get at least a sneak peek, Medicine for Melancholy, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there just may be something wrong with you.


~ by MsInklination on July 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Medicine for Melancholy”

  1. I’ve been trained by the big movie house releases to crave drama. As I watched the trailer I was anticipating an “I’m pregnant” scene or an explosive fight scene or something extra dramatic. When that didn’t happen I felt a little disappointed. That made me realize films like these are rare. I appreciate indie films that are created artistically and intelligently and not just for cash, laughs and mass appeal. Thanks for sharing this!

    • You know, the media (that we’re both a part of, in all actuality), has us addicted to drama. Our culture is always looking for the big bang, pop or unexpected twist. When in reality, our day to day lives are really quite simple. We make the drama. It makes me think of the show Seinfeld. It always surprised me that people (myself included) were so into it because it really was a show about nothing. But in so many ways, isn’t that what life is … a bunch of nothingness with a blip on the radar screen here and there?!

      On another note, I’ve always wondered what you do the day after a one-night stand. I haven’t wondered enough to try, but I wonder. Do you just get up and go home the next morning? (Now humming Ledisi’s in the morning.) These kids obviously didn’t!

      • Day to day life truly IS simple. Unless, of course, you’re a Blue employee. lol

        I too wonder how common a one-night stand like the one in “Medicine For Melancholy” happens. “Girl, he didn’t just hit it and quit it. We had breakfast and went bike ridin’ and stuff.” Then roses really smell like boo-boo.

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