Sticking to What You Know

Caveat: The word “hate” in subsequent sentences isn’t meant in its purest form. I’m not encouraging hate; I am, however, encouraging venting to prevent other potentially serious crimes. If it makes you more comfortable, replace “hate” with “can’t stand.” No souls will be lost or led astray on my account.

Do you ever have “I hate ___” days? Just fill the blank in with any group you’d like. You can tell the truth. I won’t tell anyone you’re a bigot (even a racist if you’re white and reading this and your blank for the day has something to do with race). It’s not OK, but it is. We’re human. We group people. We hate them collectively and like them individually. It’s the American, nay, the human way.

Today, I hate white people. The group not my friends who happen to be white. (Hi, guys!) There, there. Let me explain …

It probably doesn’t help anything that I just read an article on titled, “How to Act Like a Black Person, by “markusvictoria,” who I assume to be white considering the friends on his/her profile. This is-this-supposed-to-be-serious-or-funny (which is never a good sign) how-to guide does offer a thought-provoking commentary about black people, but that’s not saying much. And that’s probably not what the author was shooting for anyway.

Not long after reading the article, I had a conversation with my friend who’s employed at an always provocative PWE workplace. She’s constantly charged black tax—always a challenge. The work dynamics between her and the white people with whom she works, particularly her supervisors, is fascinating. They second guess her about everything. It would be one thing if she’d gotten the job because the company for which she worked had to fill a minority quotient. Even if that was the case, the position is filled by an intellectually brilliant individual who is also a double minority. While we were IMing, we had a breakthrough via sarcasm. It works wonders for us.

ShortyDo-op: Girl, these people are crazy! I don’t even know why they ask me to do stuff. I show them what they ask for, and then they want to question and try and disprove what I find. They’re hilarious!
MsInklination: You’re helping them feed their egos. Simple as that. It’s community service. They need you to be wrong. It’s not personal. If you’re wrong, that means they’re right.
ShortyDo-op: But I’m not wrong! If a sentence says, “This shirt is black.” I report to you what you asked for. “Yes, the shirt is black.” And then they want to try and say that although the sentence says “the shirt is black” that it really meant a combination of colors because that’s what makes black.”
MsInklination: That makes them more intuitive and insightful than you. That equals you’re wrong and they’re right. They don’t want to be shown up by someone who, in their estimation and on their scale, shouldn’t know any more about anything than they do. Hip-hop, Jesse Jackson and why the rappers and guys on the corners wear their white T-shirts so big and pants sagging, notwithstanding.
ShortyDo-Op: Thank you for clearing it up. I keep pretending I’m smart. Let me stop and stick to what I know. Black people.
MsInklination: You’re smart in your own way, darling. Your own way.
ShortyDo-op: Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps. Thanks for showing me the way.

Notate bene: 1. Tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll hate clowns, so don’t turn me in to the bigot police. 2. The difference between bigotry and racism, in my estimation is that bigots, who hate and discriminate based on their prejudices, don’t have the power to suppress or oppress a group or individual and racists (members of dominant culture) do. Therefore, a racist can be a bigot, but a bigot cannot be a racist. Like a rectangle is a square, but a square isn’t a rectangle. 3. If “markusvictoria” is a black woman, ignore this post and read the one I’ll be writing soon with the working title Every time I think We Have it Figured Out.


~ by MsInklination on July 14, 2009.

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