“Beautiful” by ENUF

One of my most favorite things to do is sing. I wish I could make a career of it but people don’t tend to walk around handing out record deals. I especially love singing with other people who can sing, so my friends and I formed this little band a few years back. There’s nothing like remixing “Hell is a Hot Place” (YouTube it, if you dare.) with a bunch of people you like and are just as silly as you are. I digress.

One of our band members’ boyfriends recorded this performance, if you will, on his cell phone. (Is it a performance if there are only three people there? Well, there were probably 10 but whatev.) There were two exhibit openings that day, hence the small crowd. Yes, two openings. Don’t ask. There were more people at the second opening. The video skips twice, it’s sideways and grainy, but it is a cell phone and that’s not the point anyway. I mean we’re sitting down. On stools. That swivel. There’s nothing to see but empty chairs. Nothing’s happening but the music. ENUF (Effervescent Nature and Unceremonious Fluidity). Album coming to a store near you. One day. Watch what I tell ya!


~ by MsInklination on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to ““Beautiful” by ENUF”

  1. Hey,

    They sound great!!! Let’s get that record deal started…lol

  2. Making it to Youtube is a big step! Do you know how many major artists were discovered on youtube?!? Some who should probably still be on youtube but are walking around with big chains and turning swag on and things of the sort! I look forward to the CD. 🙂

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