Friday Finds (on Monday)

So since we were just talking about ribbed tanks/A-shirts, I decided I’d show an example of what I wear these shirts with. Now, I like a little eclecticism in my wardrobing. It’s not uncommon for me to hear, “no one but you could get away with that” about some of my outfits. But I don’t agree. It’s all about having an “I don’t care what you think” attitude when it comes to fashion. My rule has long since been, “If it doesn’t clash, it matches.” That applies to solids, prints, it doesn’t matter. As long as the combination doesn’t threaten an epileptic seizure, it’s all good. And a pair of stilettos makes everything better.

Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2009 Collection

Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2009 Collection

So the trend in skirts for the fall is a short, full one. And what works best with all that volume on the bottom? Something lean, of course, on top. So under that bulky sweater, which I, honestly, don’t know if I’m feeling, with the exception of the neckage, I’d pair a lean ribbed tank. And depending on my mood that day, I’d pile on several necklaces in varying lengths and colors (that, by most people standards, don’t belong together) or I’d go super simple with studs or a thing, large hoop.


~ by MsInklination on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Friday Finds (on Monday)”

  1. nac–great name, honey. This blog is fine! I think you will enjoy Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog: Wear What You Want, at

    • Hey, Lynette! You are totally one of my inspirations in starting and maintaining a blog. I love seeing Portland through your eyes. Thank you for introducing me to a city I’ve yet to visit. And yes, that Wendy Brandes blog is going to be one of the ones I check regilarly now.

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